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February 15, 2006
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces New Internal DVD Multi WritersOffering higher accuracy and stability in read and write operationWith newly-designed Disc-Resonance Stabilizer






February 15, 2006, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today its new internal DVD multi writers with ATAPI interface for Windows®-based PCs - the DVR-A11-J (pure white), DVR-A11-JBK (black), and DVR-A11-JSV (silver). The new DVD drives, employing the company's newly-designed Disc-Resonance Stabilizer, assure stable write and read operation with high accuracy. At the same time, they realize impressively quiet operation even during high-speed rotation owing to Pioneer's proprietary technologies including honey-comb structure.

Pioneer's new DVD drives support the recording and playback of recordable discs in seven DVD formats (DVD-R, Dual Layer DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+R Double Layer, and DVD+RW) as well as CD-R and CD-RW discs. The new drives offering industry-leading write speeds realize the high speed recording of max. 8x*1 on single-sided double-layer DVD formats (Dual Layer DVD-R and DVD+R Double Layer).

The new drives will come bundled with an extensive collection of software applications for DVD/CD authoring, DVD slide show creation, data backups, and so on.

The DVR-A11-J series will be available in Japan early in March 2006. The retail prices are not suggested.

*1 The new writers can record at 8x write speed on Dual Layer DVD-R 4x-speed discs and DVD+R Double Layer 2.4x-speed discs, owing to Pioneer's proprietary technologies.

Main features:

1 ) Newly designed Disc-Resonance Stabilizer to further improve the accuracy in high-speed read and write operation

The Pioneer new drives' Disc-Resonance Stabilizer - the projections arranged on the inner surface of the upper case - controls the airflow generated by disc rotation to minimize disc warp which can be caused by disc resonance during high-speed rotation. The new disc tray with airflow adjustment holes also helps suppress disc resonance. As a result of such structural improvements, the new drives provide users higher accuracy and stability in read and write with quiet operation even in high-speed modes.

2 ) Recording and Playback Compatibility in a wide range of media

The new drives can record and play recordable discs in a wide range of DVD formats (Dual Layer DVD-R, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM*2), as well as CD-R and CD-RW discs. This helps PC users more easily and smoothly exchange data among them.

*2 Only DVD-RAM Version 2.0 and 2.1 (non-cartridge type) supported.

3 ) 8x high-speed recording to Dual Layer DVD-R and DVD+R Double Layer discs

The new drives write on Dual Layer DVD-R 4x and DVD+R Double Layer 2.4x discs at the maximum transfer rate of 8x*3, which helps users easily and smoothly record huge volumes of data, such as motion pictures and back-ups of hard disks, in a short time. Pioneer has realized such high-speed, high-quality recording by applying its proprietary optical technologies including:

  • Multi-Effect Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator to improve the recording and playback characteristics by adding astigmatism correction to the existing tilt correction and spherical aberration correction.
*3 Please use Pioneer-designated disc media.

4 ) 16x high-speed recording to DVD-R and +R discs

Adopting the CAV recording system for 16x high-speed recording to DVD-R and +R discs, Pioneer's drives have achieved a faster transfer rate than before. The new drives are capable of recording at up to 32x speed*4 on CD-RW discs, up to 6x speed*4 on DVD-RW, and up to 40x*4 speed on CD-R discs, thus offering users a choice of media and transfer rates to enable them to select the most appropriate for their data size and application. In addition, the automatic write speed selecting function optimizes the write speed depending on discs' conditions, to keep the stability and reliability in high-speed recording.

*4 Please use appropriate media relevant to each write speed.

5 ) Other features

a. Various original technologies to improve quality and reliability in recording, including:

  • Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber
  • Buffer Under-run Protection
  • Precision Recording Technology

b. High-speed recording and low noise operation

  • Pioneer's original honey comb structure and other improvements to the internal structure have drastically reduced operation noise during high speed rotation.
  • Performance Adjusting Firmware automatically optimizes the disc's rotation speed depending on user's requirements and keeps operation noise at the minimum in write and read modes.
** All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Supported Discs Write/record DVD-R for General, Version 2.0
  /4x-speed DVD-R Revision 1.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /6x-speed DVD-R Revision 2.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /8x-speed DVD-R Revision 3.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /12x-speed DVD-R Revision 5.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /16x-speed DVD-R Revision 6.0 (for Video, for Data)
Dual Layer DVD-R
DVD-RW Version 1.1/2x-speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0 (for Video, for Data)
DVD-RW Version 1.2/2x-speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /4x-speed DVD-RW Revision 2.0 (for Video, for Data)
  /6x-speed DVD-RW Revision 3.0 (for Video, for Data)
DVD-RAM 2.0 & 2.1 (non-cartridge type only)
DVD+R Version 1.2
DVD+R Double Layer Version 1.0
DVD+RW Version 1.2
CD-R, CD-RW, HighSpeed CD-RW, UltraSpeed CD-RW, UltraSpeed+ CD-RW
Read/playback DVD-ROM/DVD-Video (single layer, double layer)
DVD-R (for Video, for Data, for Authoring)
Dual Layer DVD-R
DVD-RW (for Video, for Data)
DVD-RAM Version 2.0 & 2.1 (non-cartridge type only)
CD-RW, High Speed CD-RW, Ultra Speed CD-RW, UltraSpeed+ CD-RW
Loading Method Power tray loading
Write/record speed*5 DVD-R : 16x-speed (CAV), 12x-speed, 8x-speed, 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 2x-speed, 1x-speed
Dual Layer DVD-R : 8x-speed, 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 2x-speed
DVD-RW : 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 2x-speed, 1x-speed
DVD-RAM : 5x-speed, 3x-speed, 2x-speed
DVD+R : 16x-speed (CAV), 12x-speed, 8x-speed, 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 2.4x-speed
DVD+R Double Layer : 8x-speed, 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 2.4x-speed
DVD+RW : 8x-speed, 6x-speed, 4x-speed, 3.3x-speed, 2.4x-speed, 4x-speed
CD-RW : 4x-speed
  HighSpeed CD-RW : 10x-speed, 4x-speed
  UltraSpeed CD-RW : 24x-speed, 20x-speed, 16x-speed, 10x-speed
  UltraSpeed+ CD-RW : 32x-speed, 24x-speed, 20x-speed, 16x-speed, 10x-speed
Read/playback speed DVD-ROM/DVD-Video (single Layer)
  Quiet mode:Max.5x-speed
  Performance mode:Max.16x-speed
DVD-ROM/DVD-Video (dual Layer)
  Quiet mode:Max.5x-speed
  Performance mode: Max.12x-speed
DVD-R : Max.12x-speed
DVD-RW : Max.8x-speed
Dual Layer DVD-R : Max.8x-speed
DVD+R : Max.12x-speed
DVD+RW : Max.8x-speed
DVD+R Double Layer : Max.8x-speed
DVD-RAM : Max. 5x-speed (Zone CLV)
CD-ROM/Audio CD (Data extraction)
  Quiet mode:Max.9.3x-speed
  Performance mode: Max.40x-speed
Video CD : Max.9.3x-speed
CD-R : Max.40x-speed
CD-RW : Max.32x-speed
Data Buffer Capacity 2 MB
Interface ATAPI (PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA Mode2/Ultra DMA Mode4)
External Size (W × H × D) 148 mm × 42.3 mm × 180 mm
Net Weight 900 g
Mounting Orientation Horizontal and Vertical *6
Power Supply DC +12 V (1.0 A) / DC +5 V (1.6 A)
*5 Please use appropriate media relevant to each write speed.
*6 With the drive vertically mounted, an 8-cm disc cannot be used.

Required PC Environment:

OS Windows XP*7 Home/Professional, Windows 2000 Professional*8
CPU Pentium III 800-MHz or faster processor (Pentium 4 2.2-GHz or faster processor recommended)
Memory 128 MB or greater (256 MB or greater recommended)
Hard Disk Space 2 GB or more (7 GB or more recommended).
Sound Card 16 bit or higher
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 with 32 bit color or higher resolution.
Others DirectX9
Other Equipment Video equipments (i.e. VCR, Camcorder) and Capture Card are required.
*7 Before connecting this drive, please install the software of Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or later.
*8 Before connecting this drive, please install the software of Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later.

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