News Release:Pioneer to Exhibit Latest Technologies at CEATEC JAPAN 2008

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September 24, 2008
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Exhibit Latest Technologies at CEATEC JAPAN 2008

September 24, 2008, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation will be showcasing its latest technologies and premium products for discerning consumers under the theme, "Life renaissance" - transformation through so intense and real experiences, at CEATEC JAPAN 2008 which will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from Tuesday, September 30 to Saturday, October 4.

The Pioneer booth (1A04) will feature the main stage presentation for the 2008 KURO televisions, its first Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorders, home theater systems, flag-ship A/V receivers, and the optimum line up of car navigation systems based on the Pioneer "Smart-Loop" concept, as well as the Home entertainment, Mobile entertainment, High-end audio and R&D zones.

Especially in the Home Entertainment zone, two special A/V spaces, named HIGH-END and STUDIO KURO theaters, will provide visitors with the power and emotion like never before of pristine images and 7.2-channel surround sound.

About Pioneer Booth

Home Entertainment: "seeing and hearing like never before"

In this zone, viewers will see, hear and feel an emotional experience like never before through the Pioneer 2008 KURO TVs and home theater systems.

< Main exhibited products >

  • Plasma KURO (KRP-600M, KRP-600A, etc.)
  • AV multi-channel amplifiers (SC-LX90, etc.)
  • 5.1-ch surround sound systems (HTP-LX51, etc.)
  • Blu-ray Disc recorders (BDR-WD900, etc.)
  • LCD TVs for the European market (KRL-46V, etc)

Mobile Entertainment: "TRIP to the EDGE"

The latest lineup of the Pioneer in-car navigation systems, realizing its Smart Loop concept with telematics function strengthened, will be introduced.

< Main exhibited products >

  • CYBER NAVI car navigation systems (AVIC-VH9000, etc.)
  • RAKU NAVI car navigation systems
  • AIR NAVI portable car navigation system (AVIC-T10)

R&D and Environmental Technology:

In the R&D zone, part of Pioneer's R&D activities will be introduced covering the home entertainment and car entertainment technologies. Plus, its latest technologies contributing to eco-consciousness will be shown in this zone.

< Main exhibited technologies >

  • Mobile network streaming technology
    Next-generation high-speed communication service, Mobile WiMAX, enables to play streaming content stored in the home server even when you are driving at high speed.
  • Conversational voice recognition technology
    Word spotting technology for in-car navigation systems enables easier and smoother voice recognition.
  • Multi-layer optical disc technology
    BD-compatible Read-On-Memory optical disc with the capacity of 400 GB - clear signals from each recording layer are obtainable in a stable manner.
  • 3-D floating vision technology
    The interactive interface using a three-dimensional image display system.
  • Eco-conscious functions and technologies employed for the CYBER NAVI car navigation
    systems including route search with estimated fuel cost data, power-saving, down-sizing, and lightweight technologies.

High-end Speaker systems:

This zone will show visitors Pioneer high-end speaker systems and car audio systems utilizing its know-how and technology that the company has cultivated for over 70 years.

< Main exhibited products >

  • Pioneer speaker 70-year history
  • Home-use speaker systems (S-3EX, S-81, etc)
  • TAD Reference One
  • In-car speaker systems (TS series, etc.)

Special A/V room (separately prepared):

The audience will enjoy and experience the power and emotion of high-class audio reproduced by Pioneer high-end speaker systems and in-car audio systems.

< Main exhibited products >

  • TAD Reference One
  • TAD history
  • carrozzeria X

Collaboration between Sharp and Pioneer:

The fusion of the cutting-edge technologies of Sharp and Pioneer will create a new audiovisual world. In addition, convenient, comfortable ubiquitous environment like never before will be introduced by Pioneer carrozzeria car navigation system, and Sharp cell phone and AQUOS TV working together seamlessly.

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