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January 9, 2018
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Exhibit at CES 2018

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., a wholly-owned sales subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation, will exhibit at CES 2018, which will take place in Las Vegas from January 9 through 12, 2018.

Pioneer aims to become a leading company in “Comprehensive Infotainment” in vehicles. The Pioneer booth will showcase a wide array of technologies under development to support autonomous driving, as well as our latest car electronics products dedicated to the realization of “connected cars”.

Pioneer booths

Las Vegas Convention Center Booth No. 3902 in the North Hall
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. URL

Outline of exhibits

Concept Cockpit (Reference exhibit)

In the Concept Cockpit, which assumes a vehicle with Level 3 or higher autonomous driving technology on general roads, visitors can experience Pioneer’s vision for entertainment, reliability and safety functions of the future. By using various types of in-vehicle HMI devices, the cockpit demonstrates how required information and optimized content will be delivered in the vehicle.

3D-LiDAR, a driving space sensor utilizing the MEMS* method (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit 3D-LiDAR, our proprietary driving space sensor using the MEMS mirror. Operating in real time, this sensor will measure and generate point cloud map data of the Pioneer booth and project this live image on an adjacent video monitor.

* MEMS : Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Pioneer’s initiatives for creating values and services by using location information

We will present our initiatives for creating various kinds of value and services that use location information being developed by Pioneer group, such as the data ecosystem, which updates and operates the maps for autonomous driving using the 3D-LiDAR sensor technologies.

Flexible OLED tail lamp and turn signal (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit a tail lamp and turn signal using flexible OLED lighting panels* that consist of a light-emitting surface with a bendable, thin and light profile, allowing more free design compared to conventional lighting.

* The flexible OLED lighting panel is developed by Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED, Inc.

Laser scanning HUD (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit a laser scanning HUD featuring high brightness, contrast, and color purity. Visitors can see a highly visible HD display projected in front of the windshield.

Latest car electronics products

We will display our latest car electronics products highlighting the integration of smartphone connectivity and high performance automotive speakers designed for hi-resolution audio reproduction.

80th anniversary models

We will display models commemorating Pioneer's 80th anniversary.

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