News Release:Pioneer's Newly-developed 3D User Interface "Floating Interface"Enabling Users to Draw Pictures on 15-inch Virtual Screen in Midair

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September 30, 2005
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer's Newly-developed 3D User Interface "Floating Interface"
Enabling Users to Draw Pictures on 15-inch Virtual Screen in Midair

September 30, 2005, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today that the company has succeeded in developing entirely new three-dimensional (3D) user interface technology named "Floating Interface", which allows users to draw text or pictures in midair or operate a virtual PC window floating in midair. Pioneer will be exhibiting a prototype*1 of this technology at CEATEC Japan 2005 from October 4 to 8 at the Makuhari Messe, Japan.

Pioneer "Floating Interface" has been developed based on the original technology of the "3D Floating Vision," a compact personal 3D image system developed in 2002 with the aim of providing new entertainment.

The new system realizes the ambience of a totally new sense, greatly different from that experienced with conventional 3D systems, by making the most of three main features of the original technology:

  • No special goggles are required to watch 3D images.
  • Simple hardware configration is appropriate for mass production.
  • It is easy to produce 3D video content for the system.
*1 The prototype was manufactured in cooperation of the Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology.

Main features

1 ) Realizing illusory sensation as if users were drawing text or pictures in midair

The combination of sensors and an application installed in the system creates a virtual screen in midair. The system allows users to feel as if they drew characters or pictures in midair when moving their fingertips on the virtual screen. The user is able to experience an unusual illusory sensation never before possible.

2 ) An interface filled with reality and fun

The new system employs a newly-developed interface technology realizing a remarkable level of reality. Through this technology, the users can drag a virtual PC window on the virtual screen with their fingers. When the virtual window is pressed down, a depression is formed on that part of the window. It is also possible to enlarge or shrink the window.

3 ) Oversized 15-inch screen

The "Floating Interface" features a 15-inch screen, which is much larger than that for the original "3D Floating Vision" (equipped with 6-inch screen).

< Prototype System Configuration >

  1. 15-inch LCD display and personal computer
  2. 3D lens array (approx. 15-inch)
  3. Space sensor
  4. Newly-developed dedicated PC application (including 3D image processing)

< Description of the Principle >

The image on the display is focused via a 3D lens array onto the virtual screen, which is located in front of the lens array. This imaging technology and the psychological 3D effect*2 applied to video content generate a synergetic effect to obtain improved three-dimensional images. There are space sensors set around the area where the image is formed. The system instantly sends the location data of the user's finger to the PC via the space sensors to process images in real time.

*2 For example, light effects such as shadows of the subject and contrast are used to enhance psychological 3D effects.

< Image of the Principle >

Image of the Principle

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