News Release:Pioneer Introduces High-end HDD/DVD Recorders with Digital Tuner

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September 28, 2005
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces High-end HDD/DVD Recorders with Digital TunerCapable of recording high-definition TV broadcasts to HDD in the original HD picture quality, and moving recordings to DVD-R DL disc in VR mode





September 28, 2005, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today the introduction in Japan of the DVR-DT90 and DVR-DT70, DVD recorders with a built-in HDD (500 GB and 250 GB respectively). These new HDD/DVD recorders, equipped with a digital TV tuner for terrestrial, BS, and 110-degree CS digital broadcasts, are capable of recording high-definition digital TV broadcast programs directly onto the HDD in the original high-definition picture quality. Pioneer plans to launch these two models for the Japanese market in late November, 2005 with no retail price suggested.

With the expansion of the reception area in Japan for terrestrial digital broadcasts as well as BS and 110-degree CS broadcasts, the demand for the ability to record digital TV broadcasts in high-definition picture quality is rapidly rising.

To respond to this market demand, Pioneer introduces the DVR-DT90 and DVR-DT70 which are equipped with a digital TV tuner for terrestrial, BS, and 110-degree CS digital broadcasts as well as an analog TV tuner. These models have the ability to record high-definition digital TV broadcasts directly to the HDD and playback in the original picture quality. In addition, the new recorders feature simultaneous recording of a digital TV broadcast to the HDD in the DR (Direct Recording) mode and an analog TV broadcast to the HDD or a DVD disc, and digital transfer of high-quality video via an HDMI*1 output terminal. The newly-developed high-resolution (1920 x 1080) EPG*2 greatly enhances easy and smooth operations in timer recording.

Pioneer intends to increase the share in the Japanese ever-expanding market for DVD recorders equipped with a digital TV tuner by introducing attractive models to meet the market needs.

Main features

1 ) Terrestrial, BS, 110-degree CS digital tuner, for high-definition recording to HDD

Equipped with a terrestrial, BS, and 110-degree CS digital tuner, the DVR-DT90 and DVR-DT70 can record high-definition digital TV broadcasts (including surround sound and linked data) directly to the HDD in their original picture quality (in the DR mode). Editing such as title division and partial erase can be made to the high-definition recordings on the HDD. Also, owing to the newly-developed broadband video circuit, all recordings from digital broadcasts can be played back in the high picture quality.
The DVR-DT90 can record up to about 58 hours*3 of high-definition video (in the DR mode) onto the 500 GB HDD, and the DVR-DT70 up to about 29 hours*3 onto the 250 GB HDD.

2 ) The industry's first*4 high-resolution Electronic Program Guide (EPG) screen

The upgraded EPG screen consisting of 1920 x 1080 dots can display a large volume of information at high resolution to realize a clear, easy-to-use GUI on these DVD recorders. In addition, users can select the number of displayed channels on the screen and adjust the size of letters to be displayed on the screen in accordance with the TV screen size.
A variety of search and auto-timer recording functions, such as Keyword Search/Keyword Timer Recording, New Program Search, and Rough Genre Search, are available also for digital TV broadcasts. Of course, the new models also support Program Trace*5 (Program delay and Event Relay), which are unique to digital TV broadcasts, to free users from timer-recording failures, as much as possible.

3 ) VR-mode recording to a DVD-R DL disc (the world's first*4)

Both of the DVR-DT90 and DVR-DT70 have realized VR-mode recordings to a DVD-R DL disc. In the XP mode (Pioneer's highest-quality recording mode), a maximum of 1.8-hour video can be recorded onto a DVD-R DL disc. It allows users to move high-definition digital video recorded in the HDD to a disc*6 at a higher picture quality than before.

4 ) Simultaneous recording of digital and analog TV broadcasts*7, while playing back the program from the HDD or DVD.

The new recorders can record a digital TV broadcast to the HDD in the DR mode, and at the same time record an analog TV broadcast (via an internal tuner or external input terminal) to the HDD or a DVD (in the VR or Video mode). They also can play back recordings from the HDD or the DVD even during simultaneous recording.

5 ) HDMI output terminal for high-quality digital video transfer

Digital video material, such as content recorded on the HDD and commercially-supplied DVD titles, can be directly put out in digital form via an HDMI output terminal. By simply connecting the recorder's HDMI output terminal to a high-definition TV or projector equipped with an HDMI input terminal, users can enjoy high-quality video and audio. The up-scaling function to convert a 480i signal to a 1080i/720p signal makes it possible to reproduce analog TV broadcasts or sell-through DVDs in a picture quality that approaches to the high-definition quality.

6 ) Remote Timer Recording from PCs or mobile phones

Users can perform timer recording setting by sending an email from a PC or mobile phone while they are away from home.

7 ) Other features

  • Thanks to Pioneer's proprietary DVD drive capable of recording on DVD-R at 12x and on DVD-RW at 6x speeds, a one-hour program can be copied to a DVD-R in approximately 40 seconds min.*8
  • Chase Play is also possible while a high-definition TV program is being recorded to the HDD in the DR mode.
  • Bilingual recording and variable resolution (2/3D1, 3/4D1) recording onto the HDD
  • Supporting the playback of DVD-RAM, DVD+R/+RW discs as well as DVD-R/DVD-RW discs.*9
  • Help Navigator displays the operation guide screen to tell users the next operation even if they haven't read the instruction manual.*10
  • DV input terminal used for copying video material from a DV camera to the HDD or a DVD disc

8 ) Environment-conscious design

  • The industry-leading lowest*11 power consumption in the standby mode (FL off): 0.6 W
  • Lead-free solder is used for all p.c. boards (100% achieved in Pioneer production process).


*1 HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI, HDMI logo,and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
*2 The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) uses the G-GUIDE technology developed by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
G-GUIDE is an EPG service provided by Interactive Program Guide Inc. based on the technology developed by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
G-GUIDE is a trademark of Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
The EPG for digital broadcasts uses SI (Service Information) specified by ARIB.
*3 With the DR mode area set to 100% on the HDD, the maximum recording times are obtained by calculating based on the bit rate of 17 Mbps for terrestrial digital broadcast HD picture quality. Based on the bit rate of 24 Mbps for BS/110-degree CS digital broadcast HD picture quality, they are calculated as about 21 hours and about 42 hours for DVR-DT70 and DVR-DT90 respectively.
*4 As of September 28, 2005 according to Pioneer survey.
*5 The availability of program trace services depends on the digital program to be recorded.
*6 Copy-once programs recorded to the HDD can be moved to a CPRM-supported DVD R or DVD-RW disc. After moving to a disc, the first recorded data will be automatically erased from the HDD.
*7 Simultaneous recording is possible only when a digital TV broadcast is recorded to the HDD in the DR mode.
*8 This is the time for high-speed copying of a program recorded on the HDD in the MN1 mode to a DVD-R Version 2.1 / 16x (recordable at 1x to 16x speeds), and should be considered as a reference only. Copying time and speed may change depending on used discs and copying conditions.
*9 DVD-RAM discs must be removed from cartridge for play.
For DVD+R and DVD+RW discs, the recorded data can be reproduced when it has bee stored in the video format and finalized. However, all editing changes may not be reflected upon playback.
For DVD-RAM and DVD+R/+RW discs, playback is possible but recording is not. Some discs may not play depending on their characteristics, condition, dirt, etc.
*10 On some operation screens, the "Help Navigator" may not display any instructions.
*11 As of September 28, 2005, in terms of DVD recorders equipped with digital TV tuner (according to Pioneer survey)

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