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September 24, 2013
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer exhibits in CEATEC 2013

Pioneer Corporation will exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2013 to be held at Makuhari Messe from Tuesday, October 1 to Saturday, October 5.

Pioneer will present the new car life envisioned by the company, which includes interior space that enables intuitive vehicle operation utilizing human perception and recognition capacity, as well as introducing cloud platforms that provide valuable information by analyzing and evaluating the probe data obtained from the car. Further, Pioneer will exhibit organic EL lighting which is drawing attention as the next-generation lighting, as well as demonstrating how its close similarity to natural light can be used for beauty counseling in collaboration with Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Pioneer Booth

Lifestyle & Society Stage: 6F116 (Hall 6)

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Outline of Exhibits

Vehicle interior space that enables intuitive operation utilizing human perception and recognition capacity (main stage / reference exhibit)

Pioneer will demonstrate a vehicle interior space that enables intuitive operation utilizing human perception and recognition capacity. Visitors will be able to experience for themselves a range of vehicle interior infotainment*, including HUD (Head-Up Display), which displays AR information on the windscreen; AUI (Auditory User Interface), which supports intuitive auditory information through the use of stereophony; and the Feely-Pad steering operation device equipped with tactile feedback.

* information + entertainment: refers to services that make obtaining information in itself fun.

Stage event in collaboration with Shiseido / Organic EL lighting for beauty counseling (reference exhibit)

Pioneer will demonstrate the use of organic EL light’s close similarity to natural light for beauty counseling. Further, a talk session will be held in collaboration with Shiseido Co., Ltd. about the use of organic EL light for beauty purposes.

Special stage event supported by Shiseido
Talk session by Shiseido Beauty Top Specialist, and more.
Time and Date: September 30 (Mon.) (for Press and Media) 16:00 - 6:30
October 1 (Tue.) (Special Invitational Day) 11:30 - 12:00

Cloud platform for automobile users (reference exhibit)

Pioneer will present a cloud platform for automobile users in order to realize a world where various devices including smartphones, in-vehicle equipment, tablets, and PCs are seamlessly linked. In addition, Pioneer will introduce the company’s initiative of providing valuable information by analyzing and evaluating the probe data that has been collected by the Smart Loop traffic congestion information system, the company’s unique information network.

See-through projection (reference exhibit)

“See-through projection” is a new type of see-through display that allows the user to see through the background. The image projected on the screen merges with the background to produce an exceptional image display. Suggested uses are for window displays, in-store signage, and other places where an eye-catching effect is expected, or to create spaces with light and images.

Coated organic EL Lighting (Reference Exhibit)

Organic EL lighting is gentle on the eyes as light is emitted from its entire surface. At the same time, it has environmentally friendly qualities for it does not contain mercury or other substances that impose a burden on the environment. Exhibited will be an organic EL panel coated with a luminescent layer, for which Pioneer is now gearing up to commence full-scale mass production in 2014.

Wireless charging system (Reference Exhibit)

As well as a reference exhibit of a wireless charging system, which enables charging simply by parking the vehicle without the use of charging cables or plugs, in a compact size for easier installation, Pioneer demonstrates a “world where car, home, and town are linked,” utilizing the system’s wireless communication technology.

Car electronics and Home electronics

Pioneer will exhibit new car electronics and home electronics that will go on sale in autumn 2013.
Product exhibition:Car navigation systems (CyberNavi and Raku-Navi), Smart Phone Link Appli Unit, Smartphone link Navi-cradle, Car audios, DJ equipments, Headphones, Audio systems、Home theater systems, BD/DVD/CD writer for PC, etc.

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