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May 25, 2017
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Exhibit at CES ASIA 2017The Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Shanghai, China

Pioneer China Holding Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation, will exhibit at CES ASIA 2017, the consumer electronics show to be held in Shanghai, China from June 7 to June 9, 2017.

Pioneer aims to be a leader in "Comprehensive Infotainment" in vehicles. The Pioneer booth will showcase a wide array of technologies under development for autonomous driving society and the advanced drive assistance system (ADAS). Visitors to the booth will have opportunities to simulate driving "concept cockpit" designed for a Level three automated driving system, and in a demonstration vehicle, to listen to the sounds produced by Pioneer’s "Premium Sound System", which employs proprietary acoustic technologies.

Pioneer booth

Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth No. 3372 in Hall N3
Pioneer China Holding Co., Ltd. URL

Details of Main Items on Exhibits

(1) "Concept Cockpit" designed for a Level three automated driving system (reference exhibit)

In the "concept cockpit," equipped with a head-up display (HUD) that provides intuitive information through augmented reality (AR) representations and a driver monitoring system that detects driver drowsiness, visitors can experience the joy of a drive in the age of automated driving and a new interface while engaging in simulated operation.

(2) Autonomous driving related technologies, such as 3D-LiDAR sensors (reference exhibit)

Pioneer will be displaying the advanced autonomous driving-related technologies it has been working to develop, including a 3D-LiDAR driving space sensor regarded as a key devices for autonomous driving.

(3) Advanced driver assistance systems (reference exhibit)

Pioneer will showcase a range of advanced driver assistance systems under development, including the Drowsiness Detection Unit*, which detects the drowsiness of a driver with high accuracy.

* A system jointly developed with Suzhou Tsingtech Microvision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. under the Tsinghua University Suzhou Automotive Research Institute.

(4) Vehicle applications using OLED lighting panels (reference exhibit)

Pioneer will display its curved surface light-emitting "Flexible Tail Lamp", which utilizes the thin, surface-emitting and bendable properties of OLED lighting, along with the "Transparent Hi-Mount Stop Lamp", which ensures rearward visibility from the driver’s seat and only emits light in one direction towards the rear.

(5) Demonstration vehicle equipped with the "Premium Sound System"

In demonstration vehicles, visitors will be able to experience the "Premium Sound System" that customizes the acoustic technologies employed in the Pioneer’s TAD high-end audio brand for in-car use, as well as the sounds produced by a "Multi-channel Sound System" featuring sound quality designed for the Chinese market.

(6) Latest car electronics products

We will display our latest car electronics products dedicated to the realization of "connected cars".

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