News Release:Pioneer to Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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October 11, 2017
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 20173D-LiDAR, a driving space sensor that uses MEMS mirror, to be unveiled for the first time

Pioneer Corporation will exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show, which is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 27 through November 5, 2017.

In the Pioneer booth, we will propose various types of "New & True Values" that we are developing for the upcoming autonomous driving society. At the main stage, we will present at a large-scale LED display an image of "safe and comfortable car life for the autonomous driving era," which is realized by using the technologies and know-how we have accumulated so far. The "Concept Cockpit" to be set up in the center of the booth will give visitors an opportunity to experience entertainment functions as well as reliability and safety ones that assume a vehicle with Level 3 or higher autonomous driving technology on general roads. We will also exhibit a variety of cutting-edge technologies that will shape upcoming car life, including 3D-LiDAR (a driving space sensor using the MEMS* method), flexible OLED tail lamp & turn signal, and laser scanning HUD (Head-up Display).

Pioneer booths Booth No. E8303 (East Hall 8)
◆ A press briefing is scheduled to be held at 8:45 am, Thursday, October 26 at Pioneer's booth (E8303, East Hall 8).

Outline of exhibits

3D-LiDAR, a driving space sensor that uses the MEMS* method (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit 3D-LiDAR, our proprietary driving space sensor using the MEMS mirror. Visitors can view at the monitor an image of point cloud map data, which is generated by measuring the inside of the booth in real time.

* MEMS : Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Concept Cockpit (Reference exhibit)

In the Concept Cockpit, which assumes a vehicle with Level 3 or higher autonomous driving technology on general roads, visitors can experience its entertainment functions and reliability and safety ones in collaboration with 3D-LiDAR. By using various types of in-vehicle HMI devices, the cockpit will provide visitors with the required information and optimized contents in the vehicle.

Pioneer's initiatives for creating values and services by using location information

We will present our initiatives for creating various kinds of values and services that use location information being developed by Pioneer group, such as high-definition (HD) -maps for autonomous driving and the data ecosystem, which updates and operates the maps for autonomous driving using the 3D-LiDAR sensor technologies.

Flexible OLED tail lamp & turn signal (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit a tail lamp & turn signal using a flexible OLED lighting panels* that feature a light-emitting surface, a thin, light profile, and bendability, allowing more free design compared to conventional lighting.

* The flexible OLED lighting panel is developed by Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED, Inc.

Laser scanning HUD (Reference exhibit)

We will exhibit a laser scanning HUD featuring high brightness, contrast, and color purity. Visitors can see a highly visible HD display projected in front of the windshield.

Telematics service utilizing a cloud platform for vehicles

We will present Intelligent Pilot, an ADAS solution using Pioneer's accident risk prediction platform, which can be mounted on-the-road vehicles, and Vehicle Assist, a driving management service for commercial vehicles.

Latest in-vehicle devices from carrozzeria

We will exhibit the latest products from carrozzeria including CYBER NAVI, a high-end car navigation system equipped with further enhanced entertainment functions including high-resolution audio playing and advanced music streaming.

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