News Release:Pioneer Announces Change in Management

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February 26, 2021
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Announces Change in Management

Pioneer Corporation announces a change in management effective March 1, 2021, as follows:

Mr. Kazuhiro Iwata would become Executive Officer, effective as of March 1, 2021. He will be assigned to CTO.

Pioneer aims to accomplish its 2025 corporate vision " Creating the Future of Mobility Experiences." Pioneer has now recruited Mr. Iwata, an expert in SaaS in the mobility industry, as CTO(Chief Technology Officer) responsible for groupwide technology strategy.

Going forward, Pioneer will accelerate its transformation into a solution-oriented company to solve a range of issues in the mobility field through the provision of products and services.

Mr. Shiro Yahara, President and CEO of Pioneer says, “Mr. Iwata has been instrumental in driving growth of DX and SaaS in the mobility industry and Pioneer feels that his appointment as CTO will give a huge boost to Pioneer's efforts as it reforms its business structure by integrating products and services. Pioneer is confident that by combining its DNA as a company that has developed world-first products with experts in new digital technologies, it will be able to propose innovative new value to the world.”

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