News Release:Establishment of Smart Sensing Alliance, Creating Businesses Utilizing 3D-LiDAR

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June 15, 2021
Pioneer Smart Sensing Innovations Corporation

Establishment of Smart Sensing Alliance,
Creating Businesses Utilizing 3D-LiDAR- Developing next-generation systems and solutions for diverse applications -

We are pleased to announce that NTT DOCOMO, INC., SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD., and Pioneer Smart Sensing Innovations Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation, have concluded an alliance agreement for the purpose of creating businesses utilizing 3D-LiDAR* and point cloud data and established Smart Sensing Alliance (hereinafter, "SSA") on June 15, 2021. This initiative is also supported and participated by SCSK Corporation.

* Abbreviated name of Light Detection and Ranging. It uses laser lights for accurate measurement of the distance to a target object. It is a sensor that gives users a three-dimensional, real-time understanding of a distant or surrounding situation.

Background behind the establishment

In recent years, with advances in sensor-related technologies, higher performance and more advanced sensors such as 3D-LiDAR are being developed and finding practical application. Combined with the emergence of the IoT society, the use of sensors has been expanding from mobility including automated driving to infrastructure and diverse business settings. However, the development and use of each sensor remain individual efforts, and the characteristics and use of signals obtained are not really being shared across industry and society. This in turn means that when developing services or solutions optimal for each scenario, considerable time, effort, and cost are required on an individual basis to check specifications and obtain knowledge and resources.

Overview of SSA

The SSA is a consortium in which companies in various fields participate and collaborate with each other across industry borders to create an environment in which operators, etc. who are considering using sensors can easily access the services and solutions that are optimal for their needs.

Participating companies

At present, it is determined that total four companies that hold their proprietary technologies in the sensor (3D-LiDAR) development, software/algorithm development, and solution development fields will take part in the SSA.

Objectives of SSA

The SSA is designed to realize the following two objectives:

  1. Develop and deliver solutions utilizing 3D-LiDAR, which help to address social issues
  2. Collect point cloud data, etc. obtained with 3D-LiDAR and other sensors and create added value through their utilization

Participating companies will combine their respective strengths and expertise to solve diverse issues in development that consider these objectives and aim for early commercialization. More specifically, to use 3D-LiDAR and other sensors in different applications, they will provide one-stop solutions such as software algorithms appropriate for each application and remote control via communications, aiming to meet the needs of operators that are considering the use of sensors and to solve their issues quickly and efficiently. For the time being, the SSA will set as a target use of the sensors in guarding and monitoring using robots, which are low-speed mobile bodies. They are also planning early expansion into other scenarios, such as traffic.

In addition, by making data obtained from using sensors available to SSA participating companies as "point cloud data" and blending it with optimal software/algorithms, they will establish an environment that enables rapid development of more advanced and easier-to-use systems and solutions according to user needs.

The SSA is an open alliance that does not limit the number of participating companies. To develop and deliver the solutions required by society, they are planning to cooperate with a wide range of companies, etc. that support and assist SSA's spirit and purposes at the time of its establishment.

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