News Release:Helping to Achieve Carbon Neutrality with Technologies to Estimate and Predict fuel economy and electricity mileages of vehicles

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July 11, 2022
Pioneer Corporation

Helping to Achieve Carbon Neutrality with Technologies
to Estimate and Predict fuel economy and electricity mileages
of vehicles-Supporting CO2 emission reductions in the mobility environment
with the proprietary platform ‘Piomatix for Green’-

Pioneer Corporation will utilize its proprietary technology to estimate fuel economy of gas-powered vehicles and electricity mileages of electric vehicles to launch an initiative aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in the mobility environment.

Pioneer maintains a massive amount of probe data including speed and travel distance collected from vehicles equipped with in-house car navigation systems covered approximately 700,000 km of roads throughout Japan, and also possesses historical traffic congestion information generated based on that data. And Pioneer maintains patented technologies to estimate fuel economy of gas-powered vehicles and electricity mileages of electric vehicles that were developed by analyzing this information.
In this latest initiative, this technology which is already in practical use will be incorporated into the Piomatix mobility AI platform to build the ‘Piomatix for Green’, a proprietary platform to support reductions to the CO2 emissions associated with vehicle movement. The platform will be provided in the form of services and solutions for the mobility environment.

Utilizing ‘Piomatix for Green’ will enable the development and provision of services and solutions to estimate the fuel and electric efficiency or CO2 emissions of a wide range of car makers and models, both gasoline-powered and electric, to a high degree of precision*. In case of integrated with car navigation systems, the solution can enable recommending an eco-friendly driving route, visualizing vehicle range and suggesting stops for refueling or recharging. In particular for EVs, integrating the solution with vehicle information can eliminate concerns about batteries running low, facilitating eco-friendly driving that offers peace of mind.

Energy-saving measures are gaining full steam on the way to carbon neutrality by 2050. Even in the transportation sector, which accounts for a large percentage of CO2 emissions in Japan and overseas, use of high-precision CO2 visualization solutions developed with ‘Piomatix for Green’ and recommendation engines that encourage the use of EVs and sharing-based mobility will support initiatives that help visualize and reduce CO2 emissions associated with car and truck-based transportation.

*  In past testing conducted in-house, Pioneer has produced electric and fuel efficiency estimates precise to a ±5% margin of error from actual values.

【Examples of ‘Piomatix for Green’ Utilization】

‘Piomatix for Green’ Realizing Carbon Neutrality

A proprietary platform that provides solutions to help solve environmental issues by combining ‘Piomatix’, Pioneer's mobility AI platform that creates new driving experiences through multiple AI technologies and voice interface, with fuel and electric efficiency estimation technologies and route searching technologies. The platform enables the development and provision of various services and solutions that help reduce CO2 emissions based on various needs and applications.

<Technology of estimate fuel economy and electricity mileages of vehicles>
In addition to speed data obtained from the vehicle, data including car weight and size are used to calculate running resistance comprehensively, resulting in a proprietary Pioneer technology that can estimate fuel and electric efficiency for a wide range of vehicles.

Pioneer announced our endorsement for the Basic Concept of Green Transformation League, unveiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and going forward will continue to contribute to a sustainable global environment and the realization of carbon neutrality through various initiatives with a focus on businesses in the mobility environment.

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