News Release:Pioneer Announces Organization and Management Changes

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March 31, 2023
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Announces Organization and Management Changes

Pioneer Corporation announces organization and management changes effective April 1, 2023, as follows:

Changes in organizations

(1) New establishment of Production & Procurement Division

Production Management Group and Procurement Management Group, which were previously under Mobility Product Company, will be made independent and newly established as Production & Procurement Division to strengthen and accelerate its group-wide operations.

(2) “SaaS Technology Center” is renamed “Cross Technology Center”.

The name of “SaaS Technology Center” established in 2021 to promote the SaaS business will be changed to “Cross Technology Center” to expand its development area.

Change in occupation of management

Name New occupation Current occupation

Mr. Hiroyuki Naritomi

Executive Officer
In charge of Production & Procurement Division and General Manager of Kawagoe Plant In charge of Production Management Group & Procurement Management Group of Mobility Product Company

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