News Release:Pioneer Sound System Factory-Installed in Toyota Land Cruiser 250

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May 27, 2024
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Sound System Factory-Installed
in Toyota Land Cruiser 250

Pioneer is pleased to announce that its 10-speaker sound system is available as an automaker’s option for the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 SUV, which started shipping in Japan on April 18, 2024.

The 10-speaker sound system offered for the Land Cruiser 250 is the culmination of our years of engineering expertise in in-vehicle sound solutions. It delivers solid, faithful bass that goes well with the outstanding road-handling capability of the SUV and recreates an immersive acoustic environment inside the vehicle.

The sound system boasts an 8-channel amplifier and 10 speakers, including full-range and midrange units and a subwoofer, placed strategically inside the vehicle. Two-way speakers are placed at an optimal angle and location at the right and left ends of the dashboard panel to create a clear, three-dimensional sound field. The subwoofer mounted inside the liftgate is specifically designed to use the vehicle as its enclosure without compromising the cargo space to delivers powerful, dynamic bass to every passenger on board. The 8-channel class D amplifier, which was redesigned into a simplified structure, achieves noise-free, high-fidelity reproduction of music and up-converts compressed audio to near-Hi-Res quality.

Makeup of the 10-speaker sound system for the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250

Right/left ends of dashboard panel: 2 way speakers with 9 cm midrange and tweeter × 2
Center of dashboard panel: 9 cm midrange × 1
Inside right/left front doors: 18cm Woofer × 2
Inside right/left rear doors: 16cm Full range × 2
Inside liftgate: 20cm Sub-Woofer × 1
8-channel class-D amplifier × 1

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