Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We operate business with the interests of three key stakeholders—customers, employees, and shareholders—in mind and play an instrumental role in helping achieve sustainable growth of the community in which we operate and of society at large.

  • In the interests of customers, we leverage our engineering expertise and ingenuity to create and offer best-in-class sound-reproducing products that deliver uplifting experiences and enrich people's everyday lives around the world.
  • In the interests of employees, we encourage them to take on challenging tasks so that they can find a sense of joy and purpose at work and achieve personal and professional growth.
  • In the interests of shareholders, we continue to refine and upgrade our wealth of technology assets for sound reproduction so as to remain a viable player in the industry and achieve sustained growth.

Over half a century has passed since the start of operations in 1966 in Yamagata, in the Tohoku region (Northeastern Japan), as a loudspeaker manufacturing factory of Pioneer Corporation. From this modest beginning, Tohoku Pioneer has evolved to become a major player in the car electronics field, the most demanding of all audio fields. We have established a firm foothold in the market of car electronics products due to our attention to detail from R&D to mass production of car speakers and amplifiers. We have focused on overseas transfer of production from early on, and we have expanded our operations overseas to Vietnam and México.

We also focus on development of the cutting edge devices such as organic electronic emitting device (OLED) and on the fields of original design manufacturing (ODM), original Equipment manufacturing (OEM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to satisfy our customers' diverse demands in order to build a new foundation for further in the future.

We believe that our duty is the ongoing pursuit of unrivaled quality and higher cost performance with our evolving ideas and viable technologies to move people's hearts by continuing to adhere to the fundamentals of Monozukuri - manufacturing from initial concept to end product. In keeping with our company's motto "Dedication to Society," we take the "Pioneer Spirit" literally and aim high for the future.

In order to make sure that these activities work, we have promoted compliance to the global standards. We obtained certification/registration of ISO 9001 in 1993, which is an international standard of quality management system established by International Standard Organization (ISO) and of QS-9000 in 1997, which is known to have more strict requirements instituted by north American automotive companies. QS-9000 certification has been modified and integrated in IATF16949 currently. In addition, we obtained ISO 14001 certification/registration that is an international standard of environment management system in 1999.