Designing and manufacturing at Tendo in Japan

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Manufacturing of High-end Speakers

High-end speakers are the main products produced at Tendo Plant,
which succeeded since the foundation of Pioneer Corporation, make us realize the Pioneer spirit.
Traditions since the foundation and innovation merge everyday here at Tendo.


TAD speaker requires the most advanced technology among ones produced at Tendo plant and has faithfully succeeded the spirit of Pioneer founder, Nozomu Matsumoto.
Everything is designed to be precise, elaborate and beautiful. Their dignified elegance and sophisticated appearance give us the highest quality live sound space and a breathtaking surprise.
A journey of TAD engineers will continue to establish new technology for better sound quality and to seek the best sound.

* "TAD" is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation

TAD Laboratory

TAKUMI the Artisans

Tendo is the only place in the world, where the highest rank speaker, TAD, is produced.
Each TAD speaker is hand assembled by certified artisans (TAKUMI), and it is essential for them
to possess micron-level precision as to assemble TAD.
Such master craftsmanship is what makes it so special and one and the only, which only Pioneer can achieve
after all the efforts we have made for producing TAD speakers by handmade without any compromise.

As a Mother Plant

Tohoku Pioneer has speaker plants in Vietnam and Mexico.
Newly developed element technologies at Tendo are handed to them to keep "Made in Tendo"
quality meanwhile keeping cost competitiveness.
Roles of Tendo further extend to establishing policy, standard, and processes of production
and quality assurance, etc. by applying functions and organization of foreign plants so that
they can independently continue their operation.

To be a No1 Speaker Factory

R&D and Design of Speakers and Amplifiers

For the pursuit of the perfect sound and the achievement of highest product quality,
our experienced engineers continue to strive for R&D and design.

Development and Evaluation Facilities

Anechoic Chamber

Listening Studio

Car Audio Laboratory

Computer Aided Engineering