Message from the President

Pioneer started as a speaker manufacturer in 1938. Since its founding as a Pioneer Group company in 1966, Tohoku Pioneer has been expanding its speaker-based business to deliver a wide variety of products to people around the world. Today our diverse line of products includes top-of-the-line TAD-branded speakers and hi-fi components, as well as in-car speakers designed to bring immersive entertainment experiences. Every one of these products is built with our industry-leading expertise in product development, engineering, and manufacturing.

What has driven us to where we are today is the Pioneer Group's shared philosophy of "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul." Under this philosophy, all of us at Tohoku Pioneer have been honing our prowess and competitive advantages in sound technologies and relentlessly pursuing ways to take sound solutions to the next level. 

Tohoku Pioneer is committed to continuing to offer best-in-class products that deliver a higher level of emotionally uplifting experiences to people around the world.

Naoto Takashima Representative Director, President and CEO