News Release:Pioneer Announces Changes of Organizations

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August 2, 2021
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Announces Changes of Organizations

Pioneer Corporation has announced the following organizational changes which took effect as of August 1, 2021.

Organizational Changes

(1) New establishment of the SaaS Technology Center

To powerfully and rapidly promote the SaaS Business which solve the various issues faced in the mobility domain by combining products and services, Pioneer newly established the SaaS Technology Center (STC) to realize the in-house development of its service and data utilization platforms. By consolidating service development and data science-related resources at the STC, we will build an agile service development system to deliver high quality services in rapid fashion.

* Executive Officer and CTO Kazuhiro Iwata was appointed head of the SaaS Technology Center as of the same date.
  1. Streamlining development and operation through DevOps
    Through DevOps, which involves development and operational teams coordinating in service development efforts, we will strive to continually streamline development and operation while managing to deliver high-quality services to customers (achieving delivery excellence).
  2. Shifting service development and operation in-house
    Shifting service development and operation in-house will enable the provision of products that respond to rapid changes in the business environment in a timely and appropriate way.
  3. Enhancing the utilization of data for services
    We will consolidate the personnel engaged in data-related operations to build a system that handles the data maintained by the Pioneer Group in cross-sectional fashion. To strengthen the utilization of data to facilitate the growth of our services, we will perform high-level data analysis and make use of AI.

(2) New establishment of the Sound Business Management Group

Looking to expand Pioneer's core sound business, the Sound Business Management Group was set up within the Mobility Product Company to consolidate the Pioneer Group's technologies and knowledge with regard to sound. By consolidating the technologies and resources that have been split among business divisions and Group companies to date, Pioneer aims to expand its business endeavors that utilize sound.

In the lead-up to 2025, Pioneer will further accelerate its transformation into a solution services company based on its corporate vision of Creating the Future of Mobility Experiences.

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