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Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

Almost half a century has passed since the start of operations in 1966 in Yamagata, in the Tohoku region (Northeastern Japan), as a loudspeaker manufacturing factory of Pioneer Corporation. From this modest beginning, Tohoku Pioneer has evolved to become a major player in the car electronics field, the most demanding of all audio fields. We have established a firm foothold in the market of car electronics products due to our attention to detail from R&D to mass production of car audio mechanisms and speakers. While manufacturing is based in Japan, we have focused on overseas transfer of production from early on, and we have expanded our operations overseas to China, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States.

Thanks to our wide range of technical capabilities accumulated over time, we have carved out a niche in such business fields as factory automation (FA) systems, audio-visual (AV) accessories, and precision molds and components. Further, we are now focusing our resources on the development and production of state-of-the-art display devices, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, to sow the seeds for a better future.

We believe that our duty is the ongoing pursuit of unrivaled quality and higher cost performance with our evolving ideas and viable technologies by continuing to adhere to the fundamentals of Monozukuri - manufacturing from initial concept to end product. In keeping with our company's motto "Dedication to Society," we take the "Pioneer Spirit" literally and aim high for the future.

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Corporate Philosophy ”Pursue all employees' happiness both personally and materially, create excitement and satisfaction for customers through Monozukuri, and contribute to the advancement of our society and region.” Mitsuhiro Watanabe 
Representative Director, President and CEO

Keep on making new excitement through creativity leading to evolution and craftsmanship embodying the creativity: This is how we want it to be.

Tohoku Pioneer is a manufacturing company with our craftsmanship delivering unique products with strong appeal to customer’s feeling.

We will strive to become a company delivering value and excitement more to customers with our unique creativity and craftsmanship than ever.

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