April 10, 2020
Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

Operation of Yonezawa Plant Is Suspended
Due to Prevention of COVID-19 Infection

On April 9, it was found that a close relative of an employee working at Yonezawa Plant was infected by COVID-19. Today on April 10, we decided to suspend operation of Yonezawa Plant to secure safety of our customers, our employees and their family and to prevent further infection. An announcement of resuming operation will be posted on our website as confirmed.

The employee has been staying home since March 7 based on our countermeasure policy and has no claim on health status. The employee's action history has been studied and affected areas are disinfected already.
This suspension of our operation is for prevention of further infections, and there is no infected person at Tendo Headquarters and Yonezawa Plant.

We will take necessary actions such as disinfection of rooms in coordination with the publish health center for the safety of our customer, our employees and their family.

We would like to kindly ask for your understanding and patience.