Speaker Unit Design

Utilizing the experience and achievements of acoustic technology that we have been involved in since the founding of Pioneer, and the latest technology, we design speaker units that suit various applications and usage scenes, and propose speaker systems that meet the needs of our customers.

80 years of experience and achievements + latest technology

80 Years of Experience and Achievements

Pioneer was founded in the manufacture and sale of dynamic speakers.
Pursuing "impressive sound" is the origin of Pioneer.
With an 80 years of experience and the latest technology to design speaker units that meet the needs of our customers.

Dynamic speaker A-8, the origin of Pioneer's founding

Latest Technology

Diaphragm Material Development

Cone paper material examples

Aramid-based fiber


Mica mixed paper

Product Design Optimization by CAE

Acoustic Analysis Examples

Achievements of Speakers According
to the Usage Scene

  • Guitar amplifier
  • PA speaker
  • Bluetooth speaker, etc.

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