Bass Enhancement Technology


Enjoy the powerful bass

Bass enhancement technology is a function that to enjoy natural and powerful bass even with a small speaker
with low bass reproduction capability by using Pioneer's original special digital signal processing technology.
It can also be used for sound source processing and can be used to easily create thick and powerful bass content.


  • It works effectively in the low frequency range to minimizes the effect on the mid-high frequency range.
  • There is no phase shift, and the low frequency range is clear and tight.
  • It is possible to reproduce heavy bass sound even in middle or small size speakers which are naturally
    not capable of deep bass sound.

Virtual bass technology

It is difficult to feel bass sound with a speakers that have lowest possible playback frequency of 80Hz even though equalizer is properly used. However, original 50 Hz can be felt by properly adding 100, 150, and 200 Hz which are the harmonics components of original 50 Hz.
Virtual bass technology takes advantage of this characteristic of human hearing.

Pioneer's Unique Harmonics Control Technology

Conventional technology: hard clip method

Hard clip to create harmonics and filter to remove extra harmonics
Unnecessary harmonics are added to the mid-high frequency range
and cause a large effect on sound quality.



It is possible to add harmonic components (level, number of additions)
as intended.
There are no unnecessary harmonics in the mid-high frequency range,
and only tight bass is added.

Bass Enhancement Effect

You can listen and compare a normal sound source and a sound source with the bass enhancement effect of BEAT BLASTER.

* Each sound source is about 10 seconds. Please listen and compare one by one.
* Sound will be played, so please adjust the volume on your device.



Introduction of Implemented Application

BEAT BLASTER is implemented in "Wireless Hi-Res Player ~ Stellanova ~"
which is a music application for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch provided by Pioneer.
The ON/OFF function of BEAT BLASTER is free of charge, so feel free to try it.

Wireless Hi-Res Player
~Stellanova~ (iOS)
Wireless Hi-Res Player
~Stellanova~ (Android)

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