Pioneer not only designs the speaker,
but also the "sound" that comes out of the speaker.

Introducing acoustic software that enhances the user's musical experience.

  • Bass Enhancement Technology
    This technology is a function that to enjoy natural and powerful bass even with a small speaker with a poor bass reproduction capability.
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  • Master Sound Revive Technology
    With the technology to restore the information lost by compression, MP3 sound source can be restored to CD quality and CD sound source can be restored to high resolution quality.
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  • Automatic Acoustic Control Technology
    The technology that analyzes ambient noise in real time and automatically adjusts the volume and sound quality to suit the environment.
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  • Spatial Sound Reproduction Technology
    This technology reproduces the realistic sound and presence of a space just by selecting a space image prepared in advance.
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  • Dirac HD Sound
    This technology corrects the sound quality disturbance due to the housing structure around the speaker and corrects the sound to be clear by correcting the frequency response and impulse response at the same time.
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  • Dirac Panorama Sound
    This technology cancels the crosstalk from the left and right speakers to the left and right ears, maximizing the stereo effect.
    This stereophonic technology creates the clear feel the stereoscopic effect of a stereo sound source.
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